The Party Band

The Intentions perform with the same energy, urgency, and passion as their inspirations: Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, The Jackson 5 and so many more. The band was assembled to authentically capture the driving sound that characterized Motown and Stax Records nearly fifty years ago. Their sincerity and dedication to doing it right create memories and imprint melodies with every note.

Vocal Ensemble

Their lush harmonies and beautifully sung melodies make crowds stop in their tracks. Without fail, they captivate their audiences and turn the moment into an unforgettable memory.

The Cocktail Band

The cocktail band gets the good times going. Whether it's diving headlong into the jazz repertoire or digging in on some rhythm & blues, this instrumental unit establishes the vibe and delivers every single time.

The Intentions!

The original repertoire that hits as hard as the hits.


Our DJ's can perform in any genre and deliver on any and all requests, but, most importantly, our DJ's always play precisely what is needed, when it's needed. Whether our clients make a list of special requests or ask us to "take care of it," our DJs make every moment count.


The Intentions! can also provide production equipment and sound engineering for your event. Using our sound team ensures the best quality sound and ensures that every last detail of your entertainment is flawless, because it has to be.