Toronto's Motown, Soul & Funk Music Band

Toronto's music scene is chalk full of great performers and bands. Second to the food in the city, Toronto music boasts some of the most eclectic acts you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Toronto is not NYC or LA, but it is the hub of music in Canada and for that reason sees talented musicians take up residence from all over the country. Just look at our band with members from 4 provinces, while only 4 of us grew up calling Toronto home. In fact, Toronto boasts a luxury of selection. Like terrific ska music, check out Sound One.

Private Parties & Events Music Band

Do you have a thing for New Orleans style brass bands, like I do, go see the Heavyweights. Maybe it’s Brazilian drumming that your enamoured with, check out anything and everything Aline Morales touches. Soul and Funk, that’s easy, Yuka and The Soul Motivators hold that down. For something with a Folk feel, The O’Pears can’t be beat. And when it comes to Hip Hop, Grand Analog is as good as it gets.

As for bands that perform at private parties, the city is blessed with lots of options here too: Stereoflavour, The St. Royals, The Digs, Soular, and Lady K all put on absolutely terrific parties.

In a nutshell, if you’re lucky enough to call Toronto home, get out there and see some of the talent that’s performing just minutes outside your door!