The Best Wedding in the History of Courtice, Ontario

Picture this: a wide open field, a beautiful farm house, and an elegant tent. Everything was set for what was going to be a terrific night. The groomsmen were looking sharp, the bridesmaids were beautiful, and everyone was smiling ear to ear, in anticipation of the big night. Cam & Jill were feeling great. everything was on point. The only question was exactly how the weather would behave. Clouds hung around all day long letting us know to enjoy every dry moment. We made it through the ceremony without a drop, but by dinner time, the sky opened up and the rain poured. Now rain is a funny thing. It can, literally, dampen your spirits, but it doesn’t have to. The rain drove every last soul to the dance floor and the party that followed was nothing short of legendary. Getting home wasn’t exactly easy, but that’s because no one really wanted to leave.

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