Oh, I’ve Been Blessed (Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers)

Years ago, my friend Brendan gave me an album to check out: “I’m in a Different World: A Journey Through Motown’s Uncharted Territory.” The idea behind the compilation was to assemble all the best Motown songs that didn’t quite achieve the same success as other Motown chart smashers. Kind of like the sleeper picks. The album starts with Sugar by Stevie Wonder, which is as good as Motown gets, but the song which caught me with my guard down, was Bobby Taylor’s “Oh, I’ve Been Blessed.” The urgency in the vocal draws you in from the get go and the hook hits before your 20 seconds in. The song is passionate and immaculately crafted. The string section adds a dynamic that makes it irresistible. So, I did some digging to find out more, and here’s my favourite part, the guitar player, none other than Tommy Chong, as in Cheech and Chong. Turns out Tommy Chong knows how to burn it up in more ways than one.

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